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Placement Procedure
  • The invitation, containing the relevant information and the job annexure, is sent to the Companies/Organizations through E-Mail/Post.
  • Companies/Organizations fill the annexure and sends it back to the Training and Placement Office, IIT Roorkee via email/post. It is highly desirable that the job annexure is completed in all respects as it forms the primary basis of communicating the job-profile being offered to the candidates.
  • The details of the annexure are made available to the students on Placement Online, IIT Roorkee
  • Suitable dates for Pre-Placement Talk (PPT from here on) are decided after discussions between the company and the Training and Placement Office.
  • After confirmation from the company, students are notified for the PPT date.
  • The company visits IITR campus and conducts its PPT.
  • The company may also, if interested, conduct selections for summer internships of the pre final year students on the same day as it's a general procedure followed by companies.
  • The Training and Placement Office allots a date to the company as per the ranking by the students. The company is ranked on the basis of following parameters:
    1. Job profile and growth prospects.
    2. The package being offered by the company.
    3. Past record of recruitment at IIT Roorkee.
    4. Feedback from the students regarding the company.
  • The company can confirm or negotiate the dates with the placement Office.
  • Interested students sign their willingness by registering for the company online.
  • Resumes of the interested students (if required) are made available to the companies for the purpose of short listing.
  • The list of short listed students is mailed to the Training and Placement Office prior to the campus selection date.
  • Companies visit the campus on the given date and conduct the written technical/aptitude test, group discussion/personal interview as a part of their selection procedure.
  • Please note that the facility of video conferencing at the campus can be availed for the purpose of interviewing candidates in case the company is unable to visit the campus.
  • The company/organization is required to furnish the final list of selected students as soon as possible after the final completion of procedure. The selected students may or may not be allowed to sit in further job interviews as per the placement policy of the institute.
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