Barnik Goswami / Batch of 2023 - Department of Management Studies,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Barnik Goswami / Batch of 2023
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Barnik Goswami

Position Held at DoMS IIT Roorkee: Class Representative
Previous Company: BDG Metal and Power Ltd., Super ADS Enterprises.
Work Experience: 13 Months
Professional Interests:
Operations and Finance
Other Interests: Table Tennis, Music, and Greek Mythology


Tell us something about your experience before joining DoMS IIT Roorkee?

I have always enjoyed working in teams and as a leader since my undergraduate days. That is what first brought the idea of doing an MBA to my mind. The journey from CAT to DoMS was a really memorable one, and I look forward to these two years.

What is it that you want to learn and become more proficient at during your stay at DoMS IIT Roorkee?

I want to become a technical expert in the field of Operations and also learn how to communicate, interact and engage with people. Being The Class Representative of my Batch, I am fortunate enough to have received the opportunity to be a better leader and play a part in the progression of DoMS.

What suggestions would you like to give to a prospective student about DoMS IIT Roorkee?

Many students are confused when choosing a B-School, and I want to assure them that you really can't go wrong when you choose DoMS. From excellent faculties, state-of-the-art infrastructure to a beautiful campus, and the pride of being a part of one of the oldest institutions of Asia, there is very little you would miss out on once you become a part of this family.
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