Kajar Guha Biswas | Batch of 2021 - Department of Management Studies,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Kajar Guha Biswas | Batch of 2021

Kajari Guha Biswas

Position Held at DoMS IIT Roorkee: Coordinator of Industrial and Academia Relations Cell
Work Experience: Fresher
Professional Interests
Operations, Marketing, HR, Finance
Other InterestsPainting, Reading novels, Writing


Tell us something about your experience before joining DoMS IIT Roorkee?

I completed my bachelor's degree in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation engineering from Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata. I participated in many programs like AIKATAN 2016 and AIKATAN 2017 while in college wherein I performed in various cultural activities. I have completed 6th year with First division in painting from Nritankan Art and Dance School under Bangiya Sangeet Parishad affiliated to Rabindra Bharati University.

What is it that you want to learn and become more proficient at during your stay at DoMS IIT Roorkee?

During my MBA at DoMS, I wish to develop advanced and flexible management skills, increase my perceived values, learn to increase my adaptability to various situations, learn a way of thinking, a framework for looking at business and industry.

What suggestions would you like to give to a prospective student about DoMS IIT Roorkee?

MBA sin IITR isn’t a place that is full of multiple choice answers to business cases with a definitive correct answer. You spend time in class discussing strategy and defend the merits and drawbacks of arguments that are put forward in class. If you want basic “nuts and bolts” type skills (i.e. how to understand basic accounting or the equation for the time value of money, etc.), It isn’t necessarily the place one should be, although there are some core courses that cover these topics. One also will get a lot of exposure to people (students and professors) that you could never get in the real world in one forum.
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