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Class Representatives (CRs)

Class Representative is by far the most demanding position the Department has to offer and the right person will be highly skilled, bold, and a leader. The CR is responsible for meticulously tracking the functioning of all Clubs/Committees/Teams & being an ardent voice of progressive change in the Department.

The qualities and capabilities required of a CR mean that you are an incredibly intelligent, talented, and highly sought-after professional.

And it’s the cross of the leadership with the creativity that makes the CR an incredibly difficult position to fill.


Class Representatives for Batch 2019-21

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Satyajeet Binwade

Swati Agrawal


Class Representatives for Batch 2020-2022

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65 - 20810065_Rohan - T GOKUL SHIVA ROHAN.jpg (21 KB) 75 - UTKARSH_20810075 - UTKARSH ARORA.jpg (20 KB)

T Gokul Shiva Rohan

Utkarsh Arora

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