Vishleshki - Department of Management Studies,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Vishleshki is the official Analytics club of DoMS, IIT Roorkee.


By observing the growing demand of big data analytics at the industry level this club was formed. Today the demand of analysing the huge amount of data and use that information to analyse the behaviour of customers, to cut the cost of operation of the companies, to forecast the future sales is spreading at a very rapid pace. This is the reason most of the companies are coming up with analytics as one of their business unit.


The club focuses on providing the students with the extensive knowledge about the field analytics so that they can be well equipped with the industry requirement and become good decision makers. We emphasize on video sharing sessions as well as discussion sessions so that students can participate in large numbers. We believe that the learning should be a blend of theory as well as practical knowledge. We give the students practical exposure by various case studies and live projects so that students can understand the intricacies of a project and learn to apply their brains towards the right direction. We have as many as 50 members in our club and we also organise quizzes related to analytics on a timely basis in order to keep ourselves abreast of the latest happenings of the analytics world.


We believe in continual improvement and hence we are putting efforts in the direction of conducting workshops related to analytics tools like SAS, SPSS in the guidance of faculty members and PHD scholars. We would also look towards developing the relations with the industry experts through the means of annual summits organised by our department as well as by conducting the guest lectures’ so that students can get a grasp of it.

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