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Samadhan, the Consulting Club of IIT Roorkee was started in 2013 due to growing influence of Consultancy in Job Market. This is an organization dedicated to educating students at the DoMS-IIT Roorkee about the consulting industry and various consulting methodologies. The group seeks to assist students in the development of consultative approaches to problem solving that can be applied in any career field. We also pursue recruiting and functional project opportunities when available. 
Samadhan will collaborate with key players in the industry to enhance the experience of our club members. This partnership benefits both parties – the students learn firsthand from practitioners about careers in consulting and the firms are offered unique exposure – the chance to interact with business students. MBA program prepares us as a problem solver—developing hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations. This business knowledge can be invaluable in solving client problems. 

Samadhan is a Club for students interested in the field of Consulting Management. It seeks to equip the student body with resources to make informed decisions on consulting careers, tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting.
Its main Objectives are: 
• To equip and build awareness among the students with the tools and resources necessary for careers in the consulting domain. 
• To create a forum for information exchange and to build networking with organizations to fetch real time consulting project opportunities across specialization.

Samadhan aims to bring live projects, organize case studies competitions, Guest lectures and increase Industry Interaction for the personal and professional growth of its members.

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